Passion Meets Precision

Discover the allure of bespoke handcrafted jewellery


We are constantly working on crafting wearable art that transcends borders, celebrates Indian craftsmanship and embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation in timeless pieces.

Our Vision

Our vision is to translate into wearable art that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a unique and elevated experience. Each handcrafted piece tells a story of innovation, reflecting our commitment to redefining the landscape of Indian contemporary jewellery.

An Ode

To Individuality

Gulmoh Earrings

Crafted with the essence of a true earth enthusiast, the Gulmoh earring is tailored for the one who, much like a Gulmohar flower, exudes flamboyance and confidence

Just as a unique petal captures attention amidst a sea of blossoms, she stands out in her own distinctive way. This individual, deeply connected to Mother Earth, is not only a lover of handcrafted jewelry but also a passionate baker, revelling in the beauty of her culture and roots. 

The piece is meticulously handcrafted in brass, adorned with 22k gold plating to match her specific choice of gold color, and enriched with the timeless allure of turquoise stones.

Carol Earrings

Introducing our exquisite pair of earrings, designed for a discerning customer who possesses a deep appreciation for both the timeless allure of sapphires and the unique charm of handmade 925 sterling silver jewellery.

Just like a sapphire itself, she is a beacon of timeless beauty and grace and this pair of earrings is a celebration of her individuality, capturing every essence of her refined taste and sophistication.